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«Painting is a perpetual communication with myself. Looking at my own work after having completed it, is like looking into a mirror and understanding how I really feel deep inside. There is nothing I can hide from myself then. I never have a plan about what I am going to do when I take a new blank canvas. I just stand there, look at the white surface and let my feelings run free. I love plunging into the big white, finding myself in my inner world, and painting the choreography created by my own life. There is always a direct connection between the colors, compositions, marks, and gestures of a painting and my emotional state of mind while I’m working on it. There are people who can read my own story in their diaries at the end of their days. I will be able to review my own life and journey by looking at my paintings. My art – that’s me.»

Inna Tkach

silk  world


2012 Beijing (China) - Unobstracted Chinese paining,

2011 - Riga ( Latvia) - Professional painting on velvet,

2007-2010 Kyiv ( Ukraine) - Professional courses painting on silk,

2000-2006 Kyiv ( Ukraine) - University IAMP ( International Finance),

1992- 1997 Rybnitca (Moldova) - Art school,

Exhibitions & competions

2023 - Participant of digital exibition at Andakulova gallery. Dubai, OAE,

2023 - Participant of digital exibition at Nicolleta gallery. Berlin,

2023 - Participant of group exibition ,, Love as Life,,  at Center of Ukranian culture and Arts. Ukraine. Kyiv,

2022 - Participant of digital exibition at Miami  Art Week,

2022 - Participant of exibition at Tomson Gallery. Zurich, Switzerland, 

2013 - Participant of digital exibition at SCOPE Miami Beach,

2013 - Finalist of International Emerging Artist Awards. Dubai, OAE,

2012 - Finalist of compitional Crystal Palette. Kyiv, Ukraine,

2011 - Participant of Triennial Design and Art, Kyiv, Ukraine.


2013 International Emerging Artist Award Certificate for being shortlisted,

2013 YICCA Certificate of participation contest,

2011 - Certificate of participation textile triennial for contributional of Ukranian culture.


2013 - Magazine '' Artsofia'' (art critic) The article; '' My silk world''

2013 - Magazine '' Woman'' The article; '' What whispers silk ''

2013 - Magazine '' interview Ukraine '' The article; '' Painted masterpieces''

2012 - Magazine '' Status '' The article; ''brightness - the soul of wit ''

2012 - Magazine '' K-Gallery Catalogue '' TheArts and Craft' of Ukraine ''

2012 - Magazine '' Talent '' The article; ''Ukranian artist won the civilized West ''

Art Paintings

A few examples of artworks and pattern designs for homes and interior collaborations.

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From textiles to packaging. I love to put a print on it.

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Inna Tkach
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